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Last Update: 02/06/2015


  SEC Accredits More Firms for Corporate Governance Training

MANILA, Philippines - The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has come up with an updated list of accredited training providers to help improve listed companies’ capacity to protect the rights of minority shareholders and small investors.

In a memorandum circular, the corporate watchdog added three entities that can be tapped by listed firms for corporate governance training.

Specifically, the SEC said Philippine Securities Consultancy Corp., Management Association of the Philippines and Center for Global Best Practices Foundation Inc. are all accredited training providers.

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) defines corporate governance as “the framework of rules, systems and processes that governs the performance by the board of directors and management of their respective duties and responsibilities to the stockholders, with due regard to the stakeholders.”

Last year, the SEC accredited the Institute of Corporate Directors, Ateneo de Manila Center for Continuing Education, SGV & Co., and Risks, Opportunities Assessment and Management Inc. as corporate governance training providers.

“The Commission, pursuant to its regulatory and supervisory power under the Securities Regulation Code, hereby directs all key officers and members of the board of publicly-listed companies to attend, at least once a year, a program on corporate governance conducted by training provides that are duly accredited by the Commission,” SEC said in a memorandum circular released last year.

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Participants, through listed firms, are also required to submit a certificate of attendance within 10 days from the completion of the corporate governance training program.

The operator of the country’s stock exchange, through the PSE Bell Awards, recognizes companies and trading participants that exerted efforts to promote investor protection.

“Good governance remains to be one of the reasons why the country is getting a lot of interest from investors,” said PSE president and CEO Hans B. Sicat.

“Through the PSE Bell Awards, we are telling the global investing community that good governance is supported and adhered to across all sectors of the economy including businesses and the private sector,” Sicat added.

The PSE Bell Awards, one of the cornerstone activities of the PSE to promote good governance practices among listed companies and trading participants, is scheduled on Nov. 10.

Under the corporate governance rules, listed companies will be assessed based on their compliance with the PSE’s Corporate Governance Guidelines for Listed Companies, which sets standards for, among others, a sound business strategy, an effective board of directors and policies to protect shareholders rights.

Trading participants, for their part, will be evaluated based on their compliance record, effective organizational structure and sound internal controls as audited by the Capital Markets Integrity Corp.

  Youth Group Organized To Prepare for 2015 ASEAN Integration

Atty. Hardy B. Aquende
Kabataan Para sa Bayan – a youth organization composed of Bicolano students and out-of-school youth – led by their founder and adviser Atty. Hardy B. Aquende signed a Manifesto urging the Philippine Government to continue instituting educational reforms to prepare the next generation of laborers for the ASEAN Economic Integration. One of the means of preparation seen by the youth sector is to make the educational system at par with international standards. Education will not only balance the competition among workers, but will prepare Filipino workers to compete globally. Atty. Aquende further commented that the PNoy Administration was a step ahead when it pushed for the K-12 system even during the early talks of the integration, but should be followed through at the higher level of education and technical-vocational trainings.

The Manifesto of Kabataan Para Sa Bayan, in addition to calling for reforms, also urged the Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, and Department of Labor and Employment to diligently review to ensure that the country’s current curricula and trainings for competency standards development are at least at par with our ASEAN neighbors. Atty. Aquende lauds the DOLE and TESDA for starting to work together early on in anticipation of challenges of the 2015 ASEAN Integration wherein a highly competitive single market and production through integration of the economies of 10 member nations in 2015 will take effect. While some groups believe that the Philippines may not yet be totally ready to meet the competitive challenges, this movement is actively preparing the youth through planned programs and initiatives for the country’s young workforce for their competitiveness and advancement to rise up to the challenge. Atty. Aquende believes that when trade barriers are lifted, the Filipinos youth should be fully equipped with the skills to be future-ready to meet the challenges of the global market.
  Seminar Set to Improve Memory

(The Philippine Star) | Updated January 26, 2014 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines - You cannot learn what you cannot remember. This is true for all of us. And while you think you have a poor memory, you can change and improve your memory skills with a revolutionary and breakthrough program that teaches participants various ways of effectively retaining and recalling information.

Yes, our brain can be taught and trained to perform at its peak! This was so true for the first batch of businessmen, executives and professionals who were able to increase their memory power by at least 100 percent.

The Center for Global Best Practices is launching a second run of this two-day seminar entitled “Super Memory Techniques for Executives and Professionals: Peak Learning for Better Work Performance and Productivity”, scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday of Feb. 11 and 12, 2014 at the 5-star Bellevue Hotel, Muntinlupa City, Alabang, Philippines.

For details and a complete list of upcoming best practices seminars including Supermemory Techniques for High School & College Students, you may log on to or call (02) 842-7148 / 59 and 556-8968 / 69; Cebu lines (032) 512-3106or 07 or Baguio line (074) 423-5148. This program is limited to 50 seats only.

You think you have a bad memory? With the right techniques, you can remember and memorize information you want and need to retain and even win a memory championship! Learn how to unlock and harness the power of your mind using memory techniques that are relevant to the day-by-day demands and processes of the human brain.

You can memorize better and faster plus remember facts, concepts, to-do lists, presentations, names and faces, vital company information, events and also what you hear, read and see. Learn how to supercharge your memory in this special seminar event that will teach you techniques on how to easily organize memory impressions, greatly improve recall, and significantly boost retention of names, faces and general information. Learn from the coach that made the Philippines No 1 in Asia as overall champion in International Memory Championship for 2013.

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This seminar will feature Robert Racasa. He is known as the Father of Philippine Memory Sports who coached and has produced two Filipino international grandmasters of memory. His achievements include being double gold medallist in the Thailand International Memory Championships in 2012 and a silver medallist in the World Memory Championship 2011 held in China. He has also earned the title of being known as a walking human calendar. He has been featured 24 times in GMA 7, ANC Channel and ABS-CBN for his outstanding achievement in memory sports and his advocacy for healthy memory.

Join this pioneering seminar and be part of this one-time investment with lifetime of benefits. Learn different tried and tested learning tools and proven techniques that will boost your overall memory performance and life-time learning efficiency leading to greater success and productivity. You will attain a competitive advantage, have a higher performance rating, and reap the rewards of having a great sense of accomplishment! This is a limited-seats-only event and pre-registration is required.

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