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Last Update: 02/26/2019


The Center for Global Best Practices provides in-house training programs upon request. Below are seminars we have conducted applicable for in-house training.

A Guide to Creating Tax-Exempt Organizations
Academic Ranking and HR Incentive Planning
Accounting and Finance Essentials for Board Directors
Accounting for Cooperatives
All About Fringe Benefits and Tax Deductible Items
Best Business Practices on How to Set Up an Internal Audit System
Best Communication Practices for Family Businesses
Best IT Practices in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
Best Legal Practices in Designing HR Forms, Notices and Contracts
Best Legal Practices in Employee Compensation and Benefits Planning
Best Legal Solutions to Agricultural Land Problems
Best Practices and Remedies to Avoid COA Disallowances
Best Practices for Financial Controllers
Best Practices Guide in Detecting Liars and Cheaters
Best Practices Guide to Handling Companies in Distress
Best Practices Guide to Valid Dismissal
Best Practices Guide to Valid Job Contracting and Subcontracting
Best Practices in Business and Diplomatic Protocol
Best Practices in Compliance with Financial Reporting Standards
Best Practices in Corporate Housekeeping
Best Practices in Crafting a Customized Risk Management Manual
Best Practices in Crafting Credit and Collection Policies
Best Practices in Crafting Forms, Legal Documents and Contracts for the Hospital Industry
Best Practices in Crafting HR Policies and Contracts
Best Practices in Crafting Local and International Commercial Contracts
Best Practices in Crafting Prenuptial Agreements
Best Practices in Dealer Management
Best Practices in Effective Selling Using NLP
Best Practices in Family Business Governance and Crafting Family Constitution
Best Practices in Financial Processes and Controls
Best Practices in Government and PPP Contracts
Best Practices in Handling Customs Tax Audits and Remedies
Best Practices in Handling Delinquent, Distressed and Bad Accounts
Best Practices in Hospital Management and Administration
Best Practices in IT Audit
Best Practices in Letters of Credit /
Mastering the Use of LC for Import and Export

Best Practices in Manualization of School HR Policies
Best Practices in New Consumer Product Development and New Product Marketing
Best Practices in Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring Project Implementation
Best Practices in Procurement and Spend Management
Best Practices in Project Risk Management
Best Practices in Revenue Generation for LGUs
Best Practices in SEO Marketing
Best Practices in Strategy Execution
Best Practices in Supply Chain Management
Best Practices on How to Conduct Strategic Planning and Prepare Strategic Action Plans
Best Practices to Protect Lenders in Credit Transactions
Best Saving Strategies on Estate, Donor's and Inheritance Taxes
Best Security and Safety Practices for Business Owners, Top Executives and High Net-worth Individuals
Board Directors' Guide for Audit Committees
Business and Public Officials' Guide in Planning and Budgeting for LGUs
Business and Public Officials' on How to Joint Venture Legally with LGUs and GOCCs
Business Essentials in Government Contracts
Businessman's Guide to Handling Search Warrants and Warrants of Arrests
Competitive Intelligence and Business Wargaming
Defensive and Offensive Strategies Against Asset Foreclosures
Doing Business in India - THE RIGHT WAY
Double Tax Seminar Treat: Best Practices in Transfer Pricing | Handling Special Audits of Related Companies and Conglomerates
Enterprise-Wide Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
Essential Guide for Directors and Boards in Family Businesses
Essential Guide for Directors and Boards of Non-Profit Organizations
Essential Guide to Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks
Expats' Guide to Managing People in the Philippines
Families' Guide to Estate and Tax Planning
Filipinos' Guide in Handling Expatriates and Foreigners
From Dirt to Dollars: Marketing to Seniors
Fundraising for Schools
How to Win a Collection Case / Collect Debt without a Lawyer Using the Small Claims Court
How to Prevent, Prosecute and Collect Bouncing Checks
How to Really Read Financial Statements for Board Directors and Decision-Makers
Implementing Rules on the New Cooperative Law
International Best Practices in Campus Planning, School Design and Development
Labor Laws for School Owners and Administrators
Leadership in Action: Mastering EQ and Body Language
Legal and Labor Issues in Education Law
Legal Best Practices in Crafting Your HR Code of Discipline
Legal Liabilities of School Owners, Administrators and Teachers
Management of Tax Risks for Banks and Other Financial Institutions
Master Class in Turnaround Management
Mastering English
Mastering Enterprise Risk Management
Maximizing Tax Savings Using Tax Treaties
Mid-Year Tax Updates and Remedies
Multi-Generation Estate and Succession Planning
New Guidelines and Procedures for Entering into JVs bet. Government and Private Entities
New ISBP 2013 on LC Transactions (UCP 600 & ISBP 2013)
Optimizing Tax Savings for Real Estate Transactions
Preventing and Detecting Business Fraud and Theft
Profiting Big in Microfinance Business
Property Owners Guide to Ejecting Illegal Dwellers Effectively
PPP Series I: Public-Private Partnerships
PPP Series II: Best Practices for Public-Private Partnerships in BOT and JV Projects
PPP Series III: Airports, Seaports, Water, Tollways, Real Estate Projects, Light Rail and Railway Systems
PPP Series IV: PPP for LGUs
R.A. 10022: The New Overseas Employment Law
Raising Funds and Going Public the Painless Way
Reading the Mind of the Markets
Refresher Course on English
Revised BOT Law IRR for PPP Transactions
Revised Rules on Letters of Credit Transactions (UCP 600 & ISBP 2007)
School Best Practices: Job Evaluation and Ranking for Non-Teaching Employees in the Academe
Smart Taxpayers' Guide to Optimizing Tax Savings and Deductions - THE LEGAL WAY
Solving Legal Issues in Education Law
Solving Legal and Labor Issues in the Hospital Industry
Speed Reading and Super Memory Techniques
Strategic Selling of High-Value Products
Strategic Sourcing in Asia
Sun Tzu Business Warfare: Business Strategy in the Art of War
Sun Tzu Business Warfare Series II: Best Practices in Competing for Markets
Super Memory Program for Sales and Marketing
Super Memory Program for Seniors
Super Memory Techniques on How to Memorize the Bible
Super Memory Techniques for Executives and Professionals
Tax Rights and Remedies for SMEs and Large Tax Payers
Taxation of Banks & Other Financial Intermediaries
TaxPayers' Complete Guide to Tax-Exempt Transactions and Preferential Tax Treatments
The Law and IRR for Cooperatives
What You Must Know About Procurement Law and Its IRR
Write Right for Results!
Year-End Tax Planning - THE RIGHT WAY

Organizations who have availed of our in-house training:

Bangko Central ng Pilipinas Robinsons Land San Miguel Purefoods
Holcim Cintree Management Services
United Laboratories Team Energy Embassy of Canada in the Philippines
Embassy of Canada
in the Philippines