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1.5 Days: Wednesday & Thursday, 10 & 11 OCTOBER 2012 - starts at 9am

Eliminate all the confusion and settle once and for all what tax-free fringe benefits, “de minimis” benefits, and allowable tax deductions your employees and your business can enjoy.

In this 1.5 day seminar, we’ll update you with the latest regulations, provide you with examples and tax rulings, and show you the right computations on everything you can deduct legally to save on taxes. Unlike other seminars, we’ve researched and unearthed these special laws to find other tax deductible items not found in the tax code.

This is very useful in your compensation planning for your employees and tax planning for your business. Be a tax-shield thinker and learn to maximize the use of your financial resources smartly! This program is applicable for all types of taxpayers – expats, locals, SMEs, large corporations, nonprofits, schools, government agencies, LGUs & GOCCs.

   Limited Seats Only, Pre-Registration Required

   Avail of Early Bird and

   Contact Person: Camille Jonas
   Manila lines (+632) 556-8968 or 69
   Manila Telefax (+632) 842-7148 or 59
   Cebu lines (+63 32) 512-3106 or 07

Lecturer: Danilo A. Duncano, CPA – is an expert in taxation having authored more than 20 books that includes Philippine Taxation Handbook (A Simplified Course) which is being featured in this seminar. He has over 37 years of experience as a tax practitioner both in the private and public sector.

In 2007, he was designated OIC-Deputy Commissioner of the Tax Reform and Administration Group (TRAG), Special Concerns Group (SCG), and Resource Management Group (RMG).

Currently, he holds the position of Director II, CESO V of the Bureau of Internal Revenue. He has served the BIR as Regional Director of Butuan City, Quezon City, and Pampanga from 1999 to 2003.

Who Should Attend:

      • Business Owners/ Decision-Makers
      • Board Directors & Management
      • Treasurers & CFOs
      • Lawyers and CPAs
      • HR Officers
      • Compensation Planners
      • Tax Agents & Tax Professionals
      • Business Consultants
      • All those who want to save on taxes

   Seminar Investment is P12,780
   inclusive of Meals, Resource Kit, &
   Certificate of Attendance
Business World Online International Chamber of Commerce Tri-ISys Forbes College

How to Maximize the Tax Shield for Your Employees & Your Business

The Peninsula Manila, Makati City, Philippines
1.5 days - starts at 9:00 am, Wednesday & Thursday, October 10 & 11, 2012

Course Outline

Day 1:
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Concept of a Tax Shield
Matrix of Items of Income Tax Computation
Special Treatment of Fringe Benefit
“De Minimis: Benefits and Other Fringe Benefits Not Taxable
Expenses allowable to Private Education Institutions
Allocation of cost and expenses for banks and other financial institutions
          (RR No. 4-2011 and RMC No. 46-2011)\
Entertainment, amusement and recreational expenses (RR No. 10-2002)
Proof of deductibility for travel expenses (RR No. 15-2002)
Leases (RR No. 19-1986)
Cost in computing the Minimum Corporate Income Tax (MCIT)
Interest expense and Discount on Bonds
          Thin capitalization

1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
          Shares considered as worthless
          Losses from Wash Sales of Stock
          Capital gains and losses
          Net Operating Loss Carry Over
          Abandonment Losses
Bad Debts
Depletion of Oil and Gas Wells and Mines
Charitable and Other Contributions
          Comparative tax treatment of donations for income tax and donor’s tax purposes
                    Pension Trust

Day 2:
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Optional Standard Deduction (OSD)
Health and/or Hospitalization Insurance of an Individual Taxpayer
Allowance of Personal Exemption for Individual Taxpayer
          Effect of the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010
Items not Deductible
Special Provisions Regarding Income and Deductions of Insurance\
Allocation of income and Deductions (Sec. 50 NIRC, as amended)
Tax effect of R.A. No. 9442 relative to Persons with Disability
Tax effect of the Law on Breastfeeding practices (RMC No. 47-2010)
PERA and Other Special Laws
Audit Procedure (RAMO 1-2000)

SEMINAR FEE PER PERSON: P 12,780 (Fee covers Meals, Resource Kit, Certificate of Attendance)


Less 5% for early registrants (on registrations made on or before September 10, 2012)
Less 5% for early payment (if made on or before September 30, 2012)
Less 5% for group registration (minimum of 3 participants)

REGISTER NOW to avail of Early Bird and Group DISCOUNTS
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Download: Flyer - Black&White (.PDF 420kb)
                         Course Outline (.PDF 329kb)