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This special 2-day seminar will provide you the best possible ways and options to save on Estate, Donor's and Inheritance taxes when you want to transfer your assets and your business to the next generation. We will share with you the most comprehensive information to align your tax strategies with the recent tax laws and the most updated BIR regulations.

Learn the secrets of the tax-savvy rich ones who know how to smartly preserve their wealth for the benefit of their families. We will teach you proven ways to maximize your tax deductions, guide you on areas where you can be tax-exempt and even find remedies to unfreeze locked assets heirs can’t touch due to huge tax liabilities.

When you don’t plan, estate taxes can wipe out your family’s fortunes. Heirs suffer. Many of these tax obligations are avoidable when you plan ahead and do it right. Leave a lasting legacy. Attend!

   Limited Seats Only, Pre-Registration Required

   Avail of Early Bird and

   Contact Person: Camille Jonas

   Manila lines (+632) 556-8968 or 69
   Manila Telefax (+632) 842-7148 or 59
   Cebu lines (+63 32) 512-3106 or 07

Lecturer 1: Danilo A. Duncano, CPA is an expert in taxation having authored 23 tax books. He has over 37 years of experience as a tax practitioner both in the private and public sector.

In 2007, he was designated BIR OIC-Deputy Commissioner of the Tax Reform and Administration Group (TRAG), Special Concerns Group (SCG), and Resource Management Group (RMG).

Lecturer 2: Atty. Jim V. Lopez is an author of 5 best-selling books and an expert practitioner in asset protection law who has helped many property and business owners stay in control even after disposing their assets infavor of their families and future generations.

   Who Should Attend:

   • Property & Business Owners
   • School Board
   • Spouses & Family Members
   • Lawyers & CPAs
   • Treasurers & CFOs
   • Tax & Business Consultants
   • Anyone who wants to save
      on Estate, Donor's &
      Inhertance Taxes


   Seminar Investment is P13,480
   inclusive of Meals, Resource Kit, &
   Certificate of Attendance
Business World Online International Chamber of Commerce Tri-ISys Forbes College

Best Saving Strategies on Estate, Donor's & Inheritance Taxes


Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Thursday & Friday, 19 & 20 July 2012, 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Course Outline

Day 1 - Thursday, July 19, 2012

What You Need to Know About Estate and Donor’s Taxes
Updates: Laws and New BIR Regulations and Recent Rulings
Exemption of Certain Acquisitions, Transmission and Gifts
     • Statutory Exemptions
Definitive Guide on Deductible Expenses and Amounts Allowable In Case Of Death
     • Expenses
     • Family Home
     • Standard Deduction
     • Funeral Expenses
     • Medical Expenses
     • Judicial Expenses
     • Claims Against the Estate
     • Substantiation Requirements
Determination of the Value of the Estate and Gifts
     • Real properties
     • Shares of stocks
     • Right to Usufruct
Donation To Relatives and Strangers
Tax Impact on Giving to Your Relatives
Tax Impact on Giving to a Church
Tax Deductible Donations
The Mechanics of Making Donations Through an Estate
Accreditation of Donee Institutions
Political Campaign Contributions: What You Must Report & What is Taxable
Charitable Institutions
Senior Citizens
Adopting a Public School and Other Special Laws
Comparative Tax Treatment in the Deductibility for Income and
     • Donor’s Tax Purposes of Donations and Gifts of Donee Institutions
Tax Credits Determination of Exclusive and Conjugal Properties
The Role of the Technical Committee on Real Property Valuation
Correct Method In the Valuation of Assets and Improvements
Taxable Base of Real Property Transfers
Rule Against Ante-Dating
What About Insurance?

Day 2 - Friday, July 20, 2012

Transfer for Less Than Adequate and Full Consideration
Generation-Skipping Tax Avoidance Strategy
Comparative Tax Treatment in the Disposition/ Transmission of
     • Real Estate, Shares of Stocks and Other Valuables
     • Selling vs. Donation vs. Estate Transmission
     • Disposition of Real Properties with Assumption of Mortgage
     • Disposition of properties with Right to Usufruct
Registration and Other Compliance Requirements
Income Tax Liability of a Taxable Estate
What to Watch Out for in Filing of Returns and Payment of Tax
Tax Payments during Deadlines
Processing of One-Time Transactions (ONETT)
     • Mandatory Documentary
Certificate Authorizing Registration
Approaches To Audit and Investigation
Common Pitfalls and Mistakes Taxpayers and Heirs Make
Best Practices Solutions and Remedies
Asset Protection Strategies
How To Protect Your Assets from Predators
Prescriptions for a Valid Will

SEMINAR FEE PER PERSON: P 13,480 (Fee covers Meals, Resource Kit, Certificate of Attendance)


• Less 5% for early registrants (on registrations made on or before June 29, 2012)
• Less 5% for early payment (if made on or before July 9, 2012)
• Less 5% for group registration (minimum of 3 participants)

REGISTER NOW to avail of Early Bird and Group DISCOUNTS
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